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NiSi V6 Switch Kit - 100mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Switch

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NiSi V6 Switch Kit - 100mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Switch

The NiSi V6 Switch Kit combines the 100mm V6 filter holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL and the new Switch holder that allows two GND filters to be independently rotated.  

The kit includes the V6 Holder, Enhanced Landscape CPL, 82mm main adapter ring, 67mm adapter, 72mm adapter, 77mm adapter, V6 Lens Cap, Soft Pouch, and the 100mm Switch Holder.


NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap

The NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder with Enhanced Landscape CPL & Lens Cap is a new evolution that continues the success of our very popular V5 Pro Holder. The NiSi V6 is the most advanced 100mm filter holder we have ever created, refined design based on feedback from photographers.

It is made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by CNC machine. This V6 kit comes complete with an ultra-slim 86mm Enhanced Landscape CPL and 4 adapter ring for most popular wide-angle lenses (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm). The matte black frosted finish on the surface to minimize reflection.

With the unique rotation wheel design, the CPL filter can be rotated independently via a cog on the back of the filter holder.  

Also included are a Soft Pouch and V6 Lens cap.

It features superb built quality, Aluminium design and supports 3 x 100mm filters with a circular polarizing filter in any combination. The V6 has no vignetting at 16mm on a full-frame and the streamlined design weighs only 120g.

The V6 features the following improvements over the V5 Pro:

  <li>New streamlined design – making it easier to insert and remove ND filters in any slot.</li>

  <li>New Clip Design – Our unique clip system that holds the filter has been improved even further.  As well as the left to right pressed clips that hold the filter secure, filters are now easier to insert with guides along with the clips.</li>

  <li>Optimized design of the CPL – The C-PL is easier to insert and remove with a raised design, noticeably higher than the V5 Pro.</li>

  <li>The holder rotates 360 degrees as well as features a lock to fix the filters in a single position.</li>

  <li>New Soft Pouch – The new soft pouch to hold the V6 can be mounted on a tripod leg for easy access.</li>

  <li>Upgraded Lens Cap – The lens cap is now even easier to fit and remove while protecting the CPL and Lens.</li>


NiSi Switch 100mm Filter Holder

The NiSi Switch 100mm Filter Holder allows two filters to be rotated together or independently from each other. It’s designed for the photographers who need graduated ND filters positioned at different angles plus allows them to rotate independently and smoothly.  

The Switch allows smooth 360 degrees rotation but also has a locking screw to fix the back holder in position.  The holder has no vignetting even at 16mm on a full-frame and is well suited for complex lighting situations.

The switch is compatible with filters 100mm wide and 2mm thick.